Spec Miata Craziness at MSR Houston

I flew back home to Texas for another crazy weekend behind the wheel of the #81 Winding Road Racing Spec Miata. Throughout the year, I have grown to really look forward to race weekends in Spec Miata, despite being admittedly terrified at first, I have grown to be much more comfortable in the car in the four race weekends I have shared with it. Fun Fact: MSR Houston was the first track I EVER drove, back in December of 2014, when the Z was bone stock and it poured rain all weekend. I was excited to be back at a track that had some cool sentiment for me, and to speed another weekend working on myself as a driver and experiencing wheel to wheel race craft. I spent the test day on Friday reacqu

GRIDLIFE South: Road Atlanta

GRIDLIFE never fails to deliver a killer event and a totally unique atmosphere to the race track. Only the second year bringing the festival to the south at the iconic Road Atlanta, there was notable increase in driver, spectator, and vendor attendance over the three day weekend. Its awesome to witness the event and the community grow, and I am already looking forward to seeing what GRIDLIFE brings to the table in 2018. In part, Road Atlanta could be considered my "home" track. Over the years, I have turned the more laps around the 12 turn, 2.5 mile circuit gracing the hills of Braselton, Georgia, than I have at any other racetrack. Every time I have the chance to pilot the #916 Enjuku Racin

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