NASA TTU: Virginia International Raceway

With only 4 days to get a new diff built, tuned, and installed in the #916 Enjuku Racing LS350Z after our race in Detroit where I killed the diff, we wasted no time and had the diff out an hour after we unloading the car on Monday night. With a few phone calls to OS Giken we had a new SuperLock type X diff tuned, and on it's way to the shop. The diff arrived on Thursday evening, and we rushed to find a shop to press new bearings on. Unfortunately, all the local shops wouldn't take on the project, and the only one that would, couldn't have it completed until Friday afternoon. Left with no choice, we picked the diff up on Friday afternoon, installed it, loaded the car and got on the road by 10

Motovicity's The SpeedRing

This past weekend, I had to change gears from the #81 WRR Spec Miata back to the #916 Enjuku Racing LS350Z to take on some of the faster Time Attack drivers in North America at Motovicity Distribution's Premier Event: The SpeedRing. One small hiccup heading into the weekend was that Toyo was back ordered on 295 R888R's so I was going to be bumped to Unlimited RWD with my Toyo RR Slicks. It turned out not to be such a bad thing, since Unlimited RWD only had a handful of entries for the event, at first I wasn't sure why. But once I turned a few laps at the newest track in Detroit, M1 Concourse, I knew why. The track, while very smooth, was plagued with very low speed <90 degree turns (we're ta

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