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2016 Season Kick-Off


Football season is over... Which means race season is here! I kicked off the season at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway in Munford, AL at the iTrack Motorsports Track Challenge Round 1. The freezing 24 degree Alabama weather couldn't stop me (scraping ice off the windsheild at 6 in the morning with a credit card did prove to be a difficult task though). Behind the wheel of my Horsepower Logic & Enjuku Racing treated 350z I was not only able to take home the win in Limited RWD, but laid down the second fastest time of the whole weekend by just 0:00.02!

It was a long drive home, in a rig that wreaked of champagne and ethanol. Upon safely returning the Z back to it's home at HP Logic's head quarters in Royal Palm Beach, FL, I immediately began preparation for the following weekend's race.

Now we fast forward a few days to the Palm Beach Grand Prix at Palm Beach International Raceway. We had two races on the agenda for the day, one boasting my debut into wheel to wheel racing. My qualifying times granted me pole positsion in my class for the first GT Sprint race. 9 laps and a four minute caution later, I was still fending off the competition and holding onto p1. Right after the caution, the white flag was thrown and I fought to regain the distance I had put on the second place car before the caution. As I rounded Turn 10 onto the front straight, I glanced in my mirrors and realized I had just pulled off the win!

There wasn't much time to celebrate, as I had to keep my head in the game for race number two, the PBDC Time Attack, that evening. My team and I checked over the car, they wished me luck and back on grid I went. I piloted the Z to the fastest time of the day for the solo drivers, and brought home another

win in Limited RWD!

The 2016 Season is off to a banging start!

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