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PRI Trade Show 2016

To round out an amazing 2016 racing season, I was afforded the opportunity to again display my car as a booth car and represent a sponsor as a spokes model at another massive industry trade show. PRI is essentially the racing industry's "SEMA", which takes place in Indianapolis, IN over my birthday weekend!

The trade show takes place over three days, but we had to arrive a day early to set up the car at the Exedy USA booth.

We left Maryland and made the cold, icy drive through Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and finally Indiana to get to the city on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, we unloaded the car and got her cleaned up and set up in the booth at the convention center with the other display vehicle, James Houghton's record breaking Integra.

As always, being able to interact with fans signing posters, and exchanging stories is easily the best part about being a spokesmodel and displaying the car at events like this, I get to meet fans from all over the world, and create some new ones in the process!

On day two of the show, I took the day off from my modeling duties to talk to sponsors old and new to continue furthering the development of my program for 2017!

Saturday, the final day of the trade show, I was back to the Exedy booth and poster signings, I even rounded out the day as a guest speaker on DriveLine Media's live podcast!

listen here:

Saturday evening after the show was over, we got the car loaded up on the trailer and ready for Sunday's affairs.

On Sunday morning we took the Z back into downtown Indy for a birthday photoshoot, one last shoot with the 2016 livery and set up! It EVEN SNOWED for me! I was one happy birthday girl.

(See Photos Below by Dustin Kessler

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