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Rookie to Racer: Team Winding Road Racing


I will be joining the Winding Road Racing Team for a full season of racing Spec Miata! Joining their team as a development driver, I am beyond ecstatic about the resources being afforded to me to help me learn how to truly go fast! With coaching from WRR's own pro driver and NASA East & West Spec Miata National Champion, Mark Drennan, I am looking forward to learning the speed secrets and race-craft for Spec Miata racing. I am very excited and very thankful for the opportunity to grow and progress along side such a professional, established company and team of people.

While based out of their full service race shop and storefronts in Austin, Texas and Anaheim, California their stores can also be found at racetracks across the nation, providing racers with their every need from safety equipment, gear, tools, to parts, and more. Winding Road Racing also runs an online superstore, in addition to their storefronts and pro racing team. They offer great contingency sponsorships for NASA and other racing organizations, so if you race, I encourage you to visit their site and take advantage of that!

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