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Global Time Attack x Formula Drift: Road Atlanta

We had a few things to address on the #916 Enjuku Racing LS350z before heading to Atlanta for Global Time Attack x Formula Drift. Including installing my new Racing Radios system in the car and replacing the hubs after the brake failure two weeks ago at Dominion.

After a 12 hour drive, we arrived at Road Atlanta Wednesday night. Thursday morning we teched the cars, and had a few open practice sessions, which I unfortunately did not get to participate in due to some issues with the brakes, a crew member forgetting to torque a wheel and a few other unforeseen obstacles. Given the season so far, frustrated was a major understatement for what I was feeling that week. Unfortunately, it would set the tone for a weekend of chasing issues and set backs.

Friday morning, I was able to turn a few laps in the morning session, however the brakes continued to test my resolve. I tried to drive the car I had, and make the best out of the situation, but the brakes just weren't there. In fear of another failure, at a track as unforgiving as Road Atlanta, I parked the car for the second session. The camaraderie at the track never ceases to amaze me, and this time Ravi, driver of the #501 We Don't Lift NSX, was there to save the day for me, sending a representative from Wilwood over to my pits after hearing about the issues I was chasing. The Wilwood rep and another Wilwood Engineer didn't hesitate to get to work on the Z with the Enjuku Racing crew, and for the first time in a few race weekends, I was finally feeling optimistic. After two hours of wrenching, bleeding the brakes and adjusting the pedal box, We did diagnose a few issues, most of which were relatively easy fixes. The bigger, more troublesome problem was that the front calipers were flexing, causing a severe top to bottom pad wear, and horrendous pad knock back.

Saturday morning the track was a little damp from rainfall over night, but I was able to get a few more laps in and take some time off, despite the brakes being a major handicap. Unfortunately I was not able to better my time from last year, as the brakes proved too large an obstacle to overcome. Disappointed I was unable to achieve my goals for this event, I decided to turn my attention to supporting fellow Team Enjuku Racing driver, Nate Hamilton, as he took on the Pro 1 field in Formula Drift.

Sunday we loaded up and headed home to address the issues and attempt to get them sorted before Hyperfest x Ultimate Track Car Challenge the following week at VIR.

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