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After GRIDLIFE Midwest, I had quite a few things to sort out on the #916 Enjuku Racing LS350Z. The brakes had crippled the car's performance and my confidence for far too long, and so I reached out to StopTech for a solution. StopTech came on board, and spec'd out a custom Trophy kit for the car.

The second issue, was the snap oversteer on throttle issue that I had my more experienced Fortune Auto teammate, Phil Grabow, jump in the car to diagnose at Gingerman. We determined the snap over steer was caused by inside wheel lift on throttle with input, which would cause the OS Giken Super Lock to fritz out and lock the rear wheel still gripping. We then determined the cause was most likely from a lack of droop in the rear shocks, so we had Fortune Auto send some helper spring to fix the issue.

With the new brakes and suspension set ups, I wanted to get the car out for testing before GRIDLIFE South at Road Atlanta. I needed the seat time to regain a bit of my confidence and to make sure that everything was in working order.

All in all it was a very successful and uneventful weekend. I took it easy, starting at the back of the grid all day Saturday since I wasn't concerned with lap times, only data. I felt a bit more comfortable on Saturday, and took off enough time to take home 3rd in TTU! (video below)

I left the track feeling a renewed sense of confidence and feeling amped heading into next weekend's race: GRIDLIFE South at Road Atlanta!

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